Outfits for armies in the war we never saw

project in progress. 2015 -



The things that should be involved in a war before you join


Make your own outfit / armor

Decide upon your insignia

Name your battle

Plan your route

Identify your enemy

Make contact

Agree a time, date and location

Make your packed lunch

Pack your bags

Say goodbye to family

Place a photo in your inner breast pocket

Begin your journey

Hope for the best

Be prepared for Peace


The manifesto is a set of instructions that try to reimagine the agencies that determine a war, as if we were looking at it from an individual perspective.


What if each leader/government/group had to follow these instructions before a war could begin. What if we each had to go through this process before we began a battle of any sort.


It is a call to reconsider motives, take time by delaying and take responsibility for every stage of our actions. The act of making ones own armour becomes the main focus for this project.